Complex Swallowing Management

Not all but most swallowing difficulties can be treated. One of the many factors that may determine the prognosis of recovery is the complexity of the medical condition(s) and/or treatment(s) causing the swallowing difficulties. Some of the common medical condition(s) that may cause complex swallowing difficulties include:-

  • multiple strokes / brain or nerve related diseases – neurodegenerative diseases (i.e. Multiple system atrophy, multiple sclerosis)
  • brainstem stroke (i.e. Lateral medullary syndrome)
  • head and neck cancer following a surgical operation
  • late effects from radiotherapy to the head and neck
  • trauma to the head and neck region following road traffic accident 

To treat complex severe swallowing difficulties, it takes a lot more than just performing swallowing exercises. An experienced clinician with good clinical reasoning skills, and a multidisciplinary team approach are usually required. At Singapore Swallowing Specialists, our speech-swallowing therapists and our multidisciplinary partners have vast experience in in managing complex swallowing difficulties. 
Our founder, Mr Yoon is a known trainer for complex dysphagia management in Singapore and in the region. 

Mr Yoon performing VFS

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