Dysphagia Therapy

(Mandarin) Dysphagia Swallowing Therapy – Chin Tuck Against Resistance with Rubber Ball.吞咽障碍复健运动 – 缩下巴抗阻运动 (CTAR) 创始者示范运用橡皮球做练习

Youtube Video on CTAR in Mandarin
GDM would like to thank Mr Eng Tze Hao (Speech Therapist from Singapore) for his help in translation and presentation of the Mandarin Version of the CTAR video.

The following Mandarin CTAR video and blog post are initiative of the Global Dysphagia Movement (GDM).

The Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR) exercise works on strengthening the suprahyoid muscles, necessary for opening your upper food pipe sphincter (or known as the upper esophageal sphincter) to allow food to enter the stomach. 

Since CTAR was introduced in 2013, Mr Yoon (The CTAR inventor) has been receiving enquiries from clinicians from around the world. We hope that this video will provide the details to facilitate the carrying out of the exercise. There are plans to translate this video into different languages, so as to allow different people around the world to gain an understanding about the exercise and its proper usage.
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下载CTAR运动指导的PDF,请点击下方的连结: (To download a PDF copy of the CTAR exercise instructions):

* Click to view CTAR videos in the following languages.

** Chin Tuck Against Resistance or CTAR is suitable for:

  • dysphagia or swallowing difficulties following strokes,
  • dysphagia following head and neck cancer,
  • dysphagia following Parkinson’s disease,
  • dysphagia due to late effect of radiotherapy i.e. Nasopharyngeal cancer
  • etc.

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